Timothy Baxter Vol.1
Ulrich Stærk
Anne Mette Stæhr
Galya Kolarova
Demetrios Karamintzas
Signe Asmussen
Anthony Ovenell
Paul Gregory

Timothy Baxter (b.1935) had his debut as a composer at 15 with a short motet ”O most merciful”, which is still being sung. This early work showed all the hallmarks of his later compositional style and also the religious feelings so evident in his later choir music. He won first prize for a string quintet movement as a first-year student at the Royal Academy of Music, London, whilst studying with Priaulx Rainier. This success was followed by a number of other prizes and performances. He has written much church music: liturgical arrangements, pieces for choir, organ works and cantatas. Furthermore: chamber music, ballet music and a children's musical. His educational music is used all over the world. 
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Track List - CD
Cat No. CC6025-2

Oboe Triptych
1] Andante 4:01
2] Andante 3:06
3] Allegro 2:43

4] Oboe in The Shade(2:05
5] Sweet Day 4:56
6] Vuggevise

Little Suite for Flute & Guitar
7] Prelude/Aubabe 2:34
8] Valse Solitaire 3:25
9] Greek Delight 1:42
10] Lament/Adagio 3:50
11] Finale 3:29

The Nativity
12] The Angle Visits Mary 1:16
13] Mary Goes to See her Cousin, Elizebeth 2:38
14] The Birth of Jesus 3:33
15] The Three Wise Men from the East 1:58
16] The shepherds & the Angels 2:18

17] Alla Cubana 3:50

Six Bagatelles for Two pianos Tracks 18-23