Traditional Songs for Tenor and Harp
Huw Rhys-Evans - tenor
Ieuan Jones - harp

CR4114-2 CD

CR4114-6 Blu-ray

Traditional Welsh songs sung in Welsh, from the 14th century to the present, played and sung by two very distinguished artists from the world of the international classical stage.

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Welsh & English


Track List
Ar hyd Y nos (All through the night)
Bugeil'or gwenith gwyn (Watching the white wheat)
Wrth Fynd Hefo/Dacw' nghariad/Lisa lan/Paid a deud (Going with Deio to Tywyn/Behold my beloved/Fair Lisa/Never tell)
Merch Megan (Megan's daughter) - harp
Tra bo dau (While there are two)
Hiraeth (Yearning - tenor solo)
Y deryn pur (The pure bird)
(Saith o ganeuon ar Gywyddau Dafydd ap Gwilm ac eraill)
Seven songs on poems in the Cywydd metre by Dafydd ap Gwilym & others summer (c.1340-1400)
Llwyn Onn (The Ash grove - harp solo)
Gyrru'r y chen (Driving the oxen)
Dafydd y garreg wen (David of the white rock - harp solo)
Cyfri'r geifr (Counting the goats)
Mae'nghariad i'n Fenws/Tros y garreg (My beloved is Venus/Over the rock)
Nos galan (New year's eve)