Franz Liszt
Daria Teizyn - piano
The Kiev Symphony Orchestra
Igor Blazhkov - conductor
Liszt was the greatest transcriber for the piano and in the 1830's paraphrased two sections of Berlioz's Lelio with all his customary virtuosity for piano and orchestra. This is coupled with Liszt's mature masterpiece of the macabre, Totentanz.
This exciting CD is unique on two counts, firstly in that it presents the absolute World Premiere Recording of a magnificent major work for piano and orchestra by Liszt - long unknown to performers and record companies alike because it remained unpublished until 1981 - and secondly in that represents an artistic collaboration made possible only by the new spirit of friendship which is now so happily developing between East and West.
Track List

1: Grande Fantaisie Symphonique Fantaisie on Berlioz's "Lelio"

2: Totentanz