Claudio CDs and DVD-Audio discs are distributed throughout the world by our distributors whose job it is to supply the record shops in the various countries. However, it is not always easy to find particular discs, or even any Claudio discs at all, in some shops or cities. We hope the lists on these pages will help you to find what you want.

Record shops everywhere vary in size and efficiency. Very few have the space and the finance to carry all of the tens of thousands of classical CDs now available. The ones that do carry big stocks - the so-called megastores - are generally to be found only in the largest cities. But there are many excellent record shops, with well-informed staff, in the smaller towns and cities of the world, who do their best to keep good stocks and, if they don't have a particular title, are willing to order it. Claudio CDs and DVD-As are easily available to any dealer who will take the trouble to order them from our distributor.

Of course, many people live far away from towns or cities of any size and many of those towns either have no record shop at all or one without a classical section but which, for want of anything better, potential buyers often visit to ask for what they want, and if necessary to order it. Some of these shops may say that a particular disc is "not available", or "deleted". Please explain to your supplier that it is Not Claudio's policy to ever delete products and we always hold sufficient stocks of every title.

Whilst all Claudio CDs/DVD-As are now available worldwide, you would be welcome to order directly from us by mail.

All of our recordings, apart from the special 192 Stereo Audio Discs, are available for download via Amazon, Apple and other major digital download companies.

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