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Nagra LB Compact

The LB is the latest recorder in the Nagra range. It is a two-channel digital recorder designed specifically for the broadcast industry. It supports a combination of features from the rest of the Nagra family making it a very versatile tool for many recording applications. This compact recorder is designed to enable journalists to record and edit their material in–the-field and return it to the studio over the GSM network.

CMA-1XE Microphone Amplifier

The CMA-1XE is an audiophile microphone pre-amplifier offering the highest standards of performance. Designed to give a high level of microphone transparency with ultra-low noise and distortion, providing consistently good sound over the whole range of gain settings, with a precisely re-settable level control to cover all recording applications.

The Nagra Seven

The Nagra Seven has been designed as the successor to the Nagra LB, ARES-C and the ARES-BB+ recorders, as well as to fill a gap in the current market. It is designed to be a flexible device and can be adapted to a multitude of specific applications depending on the internal options installed. The base machine is a 2 channel 24-bit digital recorder offering sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz, and is equipped with AES 42 facilities for digital microphones. Identical in size to the LB, the Seven offers a selection of internal optional circuit cards to allow it to be adapted according to requirements. These hardware options consist of 3G and Wifi, SMPTE/EBU time code or ISDN communication possibilities. In addition there are software options for internal audio editing and audio compression (MPEG).

Neumann U89i


The U 89 i is a universal studio microphone combining classic transformer coupled circuit topology with a state of the art Neumann capsule. Its linear yet smooth response has made it a prime choice for voice over and speech, but thanks to five selectable polar patterns, low noise and distortion, it covers almost any recording situation in any genre.

The Nagra VI - 24bit 192kHz 8-track digital audio recorder

The Nagra-VI is a 24-bit solid-state 8-track digital audio recorder/player with built-in mixing functions designed for location recording. It uses a 120GB internal hard drive (HDD) as its principal storage medium and a removable Compact Flash card (CF) as a secondary media and file transportation format. It is designed and built as an “on-location” recorder with the traditional Nagra ruggedness.

Miscellaneous Equipment Sales

Nagra LB £1999 (B-Stock)

Nagra IV-S with QGB and all accessories

Sony PCM2000 portable DAT machine

Sony PCM2700A Studio DAT machine

Sony PCM-R700 Studio DAT machine

Leevers Rich Pro 1000 Studio 10.5'' reel to reel machine, stereo, 15ips PPMs

Revox B77 Mk2 1/4 trk 19cm/s

Revox B710 Mk2 cassette machine x 3

Revox A77 Reel-Reel

TRD Reel to Reel machine 1&7/8 - 15ips 1/2trk, + 1/4trk PPMs - variable spooling

Quad 66 Pre-amplifier - new condition

Quad 66 FM Tuner - new condition

Quad 66 Remote Control - new condition

Quad 67 CD Player - new condition

Quad 306 Power-amplifier - new condition

Quad ESL 63 Electrostatic speakers - 2 x pairs

ProTools 422 system c/w Mac & monitor

SME 3009 pick up arm - original in good condition

Philips CDR880 CD Recorder

Sennheiser Vintage radio mic

Neumann EA89 Elastic suspensions for U89i microphones (£250 each)