Valse Brutal – Borut Krzisnik – Vol. 1 – CC6006


“Krzisnik, also respected by Philip Glass, is defined by Gerald Thomas as the most impossible and erudite postmodern composer of the recent times.”

“creates a unique and extraordinary music world”

“one of the most daring and innovative Slovenian musician and authors”

“it will arrest and amaze you”


When a journalist, who had spent most of his career reporting from war zones, was asked what his major experience from these places was, he answered that it was getting rid of a big illusion. He has always travelled to his destinations with an indistinct notion that the situation would soon improve, that it was only a matter of time before the belligerent parties would realise the nonsensicality of their actions, or that everything must have been a consequence of a terrible misunderstanding… Just on the contrary. What he found out was that people simply don’t want to stop the violence. Indeed – violence and wars were nothing but a part of everyday life, like going to the grocery store or paying electricity bills.

Borut Krzisnik (1961, Zagreb) is a Slovenian composer of contemporary music, based in Ljubljana. Born into a family of diplomats, he moved frequently during his childhood, both within former Yugoslavia and abroad, before finally settling in Ljubljana. Living among different nationalities and experiencing different mentalities helped form his understanding of diversity, something which certainly contributed to his broad approach to music. He played piano as a child, eventually switching to guitar and building up his unique way of composing. He graduated in Psychology from the University of Ljubljana, but devoted himself to music.

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Claudio Contemporary is releasing all of Borut Krzisnik’s current recordings:

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La Dolce Vita – Vol.5 – Claudio CC6010

Lightning – Vol.6 – Claudio CC6014 (2013)

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Dancing Machine – Vol.8 – Claudio CC6048 (2020)