A Life in Suitcases – Borut Krzisnik – Vol. 2 – CC6007


“Krzisnik, also respected by Philip Glass, is defined by Gerald Thomas as the most impossible and erudite postmodern composer of the recent times.”

“creates a unique and extraordinary music world”

“one of the most daring and innovative Slovenian musician and authors”

“it will arrest and amaze you”


One description of The Tulse Luper Suitcases is to describe it as the autobiography of a professional prisoner. It may be that we are prisoners of something – love, money, sex, fame, religious belief, power, ambition, greed, debt, a job, a garden, a dog, train-time-tables, a mortgage, perhaps just the grocery bill. Consequently most prisons are not rooms with a barred window and a locked door. And a second truism – every prisoner needs a jailer just as every jailer needs a prisoner to legitimise his job description. The resultant relationship is a balance of power situation, and now always weighted in favour of the jailer. The above list is no idle list, for my hero, Tulse Luper, not so many million miles from me, his author, suffers from being imprisoned by most of these characteristics. Of course as author, I am Tulse Luper’s jailer, just as I am his prisoner. But I get to choose the prisons….it is a prison with a view – perhaps that is what – spiritually – prisons can be. Tulse Luper tries to make all the prisons of The Tulse Luper Suitcases, prisons with a view. Peter Greenaway introduction to Tulse Luper in Turin.

Borut Krzisnik (1961, Zagreb) is a Slovenian composer of contemporary music, based in Ljubljana. Born into a family of diplomats, he moved frequently during his childhood, both within former Yugoslavia and abroad, before finally settling in Ljubljana. Living among different nationalities and experiencing different mentalities helped form his understanding of diversity, something which certainly contributed to his broad approach to music. He played piano as a child, eventually switching to guitar and building up his unique way of composing. He graduated in Psychology from the University of Ljubljana, but devoted himself to music.

Claudio have released eight of his albums to date and he has written music for numerous feature films, dance performances and theatre productions. In his music, Krzisnik creates meeting point for avant-garde and popular music, or else, ‘academic’ and ‘underground’ music. His compositions are characterised by their boldness, intensity, contrasts and unique sound. The symphony orchestra is transformed by computer technology into a “super-real” orchestra, challenging and discovering new territories in symphonic music. Using a polyglot musical language, he draws a common thread through all the contrasts and introduces them to us with inspiring optimism. He has collaborated with Peter Greenaway, Gerald Thomas, Edward Clug, Julie-Anne Robinson and band Laibach, to name but a few.

“The most thrilling thing is discovering and rediscovering the shapes and structures of chaos.”

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Claudio Contemporary is releasing all of Borut Krzisnik’s current recordings:

Valse Brutal – Vol.1 – Claudio CC6006 (2014)

A Life in Suitcases – Vol.2 – Claudio CC6007 (2012)

Sacre du Temps – Vol.3 Claudio CC6008 (2013)

Stories from Magatrea – Vol.4 – Claudio CC6009

La Dolce Vita – Vol.5 – Claudio CC6010

Lightning – Vol.6 – Claudio CC6014 (2013)

Currents of Time – Vol.7 – Claudio CC6011

Dancing Machine – Vol.8 – Claudio CC6048 (2020)