Dancing Machine – Borut Krzisnik – Vol. 8 – CC6048


“Krzisnik, also respected by Philip Glass, is defined by Gerald Thomas as the most impossible and erudite postmodern composer of the recent times.”

“creates a unique and extraordinary music world”

“one of the most daring and innovative Slovenian musician and authors”

“it will arrest and amaze you”


Dancing Machine – Borut Krzisnik

With his unique way of composing, Borut Krzisnik integrates live playing and music software on computer platform, and breaks free from confines of specific methodologies.

Intensity, diversity and exciting changes are the main characteristics of his music. The key moment in his musical stories is not only emphasising the contrasts but rather building bridging between them. His relationship to musical ideas is similar to that of a director to an actor: he builds the composition by confronting different characters, make them deal with various situations and so he tries to draw out of them their true nature. Confronting the differences till they burn or dance together. Popular or avant-garde, academic or underground, genre or non-genre, program or abstract music – these are the extremes between which the composer moves easily. Liberated from the narrow confines of a specific methodology, he is able to stress the diverse aspects of music. Using a polyglot musical language the composer weaves a thread through all these contrasts and introduces them to us with inspiring optimism.

Borut Krzisnik (1961, Zagreb) is a Slovenian composer of contemporary music, based in Ljubljana. Born into a family of diplomats, he moved frequently during his childhood, both within former Yugoslavia and abroad, before finally settling in Ljubljana. Living among different nationalities and experiencing different mentalities helped form his understanding of diversity, something which certainly contributed to his broad approach to music. He played piano as a child, eventually switching to guitar and building up his unique way of composing. He graduated in Psychology from the University of Ljubljana, but devoted himself to music.

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