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“…a glorious performance of Liszt`s 2nd Ballade…What a treat to hear Chopin`s strangely neglected Prelude in C-sharp minor Opus 45, of which we heard a magical interpretation”

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Felipe Browne, a pianist of exemplary gifts, is an international artist true to his Chilean roots. He began his studies in his homeland and entered the Pontificia Universidad Católica at the age of 11, studying with Frida Conn. From there, he went on to Tel Aviv, working with the pianist Arie Vardi at the Rubin Academy and, in 1990 with the famed maestro Peter Feuchtwanger in London. He studied in Germany, in Karlsruhe, with Gunter Reinhold and, since 1997, has represented his country in such diverse lands as Poland, China, Italy, Portugal and Russia.

Felipe Browne`s press well documents his brilliance as a musician. The UK`S Musical Opinion wrote: “…a glorious performance of Liszt`s 2nd Ballade…What a treat to hear Chopin`s strangely neglected Prelude in C-sharp minor Opus 45, of which we heard a magical interpretation” and The Washington Post in the USA wrote of him: “Browne dazzled the crowd with his keen sense of articulation, brilliant finger speed and tempering of power with eloquent sensitivity.”

As was Franz Liszt in his day, Felipe Browne is known for his dedication to music education through his concerts for underprivileged children. His work with these disadvantage children at the schools SIP, Belén Educa, Nocedal, Puente Maipo, the municipal institutions in Las Condes and other communities gives proof to his commitment to them and his belief in the healing power of music. Recently, he wrote: “In these concerts, I play works written by great composers and tell about the life of the composer. Mostly, they were very poor and they were only able to get ahead through the passion with which they lived their lives and love put into their art with what they did.  The majority [of them] were very poor and I believe this is the great message of hope for the children.”

Felipe has recorded for “Claudio Records” the first volume including works by Chopin in April 2002.
In 2009 he recorded for “Claudio Records” his second volume, including works by Chopin,
Liszt and a Fantasy composed by him.

Volume 3 (CR6034-6) Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt was released in August 2016 and contains:

Johannes Brahms: Variations on a theme by Paganini Op. 35 Book 1 & 2

Beethoven: Sonata No. 8 in C minor Op. 13 Pathétique

Franz Liszt: Etude No. 6 – Variations on a theme of Paganini in A minor

Franz Liszt: Liebesträum Nocturne No. 3 in A flat major

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