Chopin Vol. 1 – Adolfo Barabino – CR5569


“…I have never heard a pianist of such an undoubted talent…

…the nocturnes were played with great delicacy…”

(Musical Opinion)

“…he captured the romance of the sweet and delicate melodies before showing boldness and confidence in the mazurkas…Barabino demonstrated masterful control over a whole range of moods.”

(Evening Post, Bristol)

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Listening to these Nocturnes, Chopin’s unique ability of expressing, through short compositions, a rich fabric of feelings and passions, is clearly perceivable.

A poetically romantic and unpredictable soul, Chopin by his genius could capture and entrance his audience with his sudden emotional impulses.

He was driven by a compulsion to compose music primarily for himself and not to gratify the audiences of the aristocracy, who often gathered in the music rooms of Paris. For Chopin this compulsion together with his refined style resulted in a profound understanding of his inner most feelings which is expressed in his music.

When a melody springs directly from the heart, the result is a multitude of shades and tones, delicate details and subtle differentiations in expression. Often, in his music, a dialogue is born, and one must listen intimately and follow it to the end, noting the changes in mood …from one feeling conflicting emotions evolve and here resides the secret of Chopin’s expressive power.

If the “original” pedal markings are meticulously observed, together with an exceptionally light touch then Chopin’s original sonorita’ is realised.

Often it is a play between “piano” and “pianissimo” …. a little louder and the spell is lost! By creating a favourable connection between accompaniment and melody it then becomes possible to play lightly, even in a very large venue. Chopin, although at times criticized for lacking a robust sound, was a master in this art.

In Chopin’s music it is possible to announce a melody with conviction or to sing a pleasing and sweet phrase, ‘whispering a little secret’ but it’s also possible, as Chopin said, to “scream sottovoce”.

© 2005 Adolfo Barabino


Adolfo Barabino Following his studies with N. Magaloff and K. Morski, in 1990, Adolfo Barabino was invited to perform in South America, with the “ProLirica” Symphony Orchestra, playing the two Chopin Concertos which where also recorded by local TV and radio stations.

Following the success of these performances, he was invited to give concerts around the world. Adolfo has taken part in the “Winners & Masters” concert series in Munich and in the Sandor Vegh Chamber Music Festival in Prague. Recordings from a performance in Madrid for the Spanish “Radio Clasica” were broadcast by several European radio stations in addition to the concert performed on Ravel’s piano, in Saint Bauzille Castle, in France, recorded by the French Channel Two

Adolfo Barabino has recently enjoyed considerable success in Germany where he gives recitals, and also in England, where after having performed at London’s Wigmore Hall, he was invited to record the complete works of Chopin with Claudio Records. Critics describe his way of playing as “with a velvet touch and great virtuosity”… ”a great talent with very deep musicality”.

Barabino’s own Programme Notes clearly detail how he feels about the composer’s music and the depth of the study he has undertaken. Listening to his CDs you can hear his connection to Chopin’s sense of romance and poetry. Barabino is a very accomplished pianist whose playing takes you easily from a delicate, softly expressed sadness, to a more robust, happy soundworld, with all the variations in between. This change in volume draws the listener in, making you want to hear it all and not miss a note. Lyrical language, beautifully expressed from a musician with deep musicality. Claudio is hoping to record all of Chopin’s piano works with Adolfo Barabino over the next few years and we’re looking forward to hearing them!

Judith Monk  (Musical Opinion Magazine)

“Gentle Melodies, Awesome Chords!

“Adolfo Barabino, who is regarded as a promising, young, interpreter of Chopin, impressed with his elegant technique. Very awake and concentrated, yet totally absorbed, he drew out the complete breadth of interpretation. Barabino comes across as a master with very high demands of himself. His brilliant virtuosity completely captivated the audience.

(Braunschweiger Zeitung)